President's Message: Our work is more important than ever

This article appeared in the Summer 2012 issue of Erikson on Children.
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From the President

School’s out for the summer in many districts, but for parents, teachers, and other early childhood professionals, the hard — and critically important — work of caring for and educating young children doesn’t stop. It’s the same at Erikson.

Image: Samuel J. Meisels, President of Erikson

President Samuel J. Meisels

In Chicago and around the world, Erikson’s faculty and staff are striving to solve the pressing issues in early childhood.

In New Zealand, we’re discussing the role of technology in programs for young children. In Brazil, we’re helping adolescent mothers develop strong parenting skills. In China and Korea, we are partnering with teachers to improve early education. In cities across the United States (Boston, Indianapolis, San Antonio, Minneapolis, Washington, DC, and more), our faculty and staff are building a commitment to high-quality care for young children.
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Back home in Chicago, we are making strides toward improving education for dual language learners, those learning both English and a home language. Erikson is helping teachers and schools sort through what the new Common Core State Standards mean for education from pre-kindergarten to third grade. We are also beginning an initiative that will reshape early education and care in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood.

Throughout all we do and everywhere we go, Erikson seeks to create a world in which all young children have the opportunity to realize their full potential.

In this time of economic difficulty, our work is more important than ever. Erikson and others in the field remind policymakers and everyone working toward a better society that we must address disparities; support coherent, comprehensive early childhood systems; and maintain high standards for the services that we provide to young children and their families. Our children are our future; we should do everything we can to support them.

We thank you for your help in realizing our shared vision for children and families everywhere.

Samuel J. Meisels