Quality content matters more than screen time, Donohue says

[img_caption src=”https://www.erikson.edu/wp-content/uploads/donohue22.jpg” link=”https://www.erikson.edu/about/directory/chip-donohue/” align=”right” caption=”Chip Donohue” alt=”Photo: TEC Center director Chip Donohue”]Chip Donohue, director of Erikson’s TEC Center, spoke to the Huffington Post about how much time children should spend in front of screens, and whether that’s the right question to ask.

“Quality content matters,” he says. “What they watch is more important than how much.”

Donohue notes that children learn what to watch by observing those around them. “How adults use media in front of young children is important,” he adds.

HUFFINGTON POST: How Much ‘Screen Time’ Is Too Much? Why That’s The Wrong Question