Start STEM efforts early, Brownell says in Chicago Tribune

[img_caption link=”” align=”right” caption=”Jeanine Brownell” alt=”Photo: Jeanine Brownell”]Jeanine Brownell, assistant director of programming for Erikson’s Early Math Collaborative, recently spoke to the Chicago Tribune at the 100Kin10 Partner Summit.

100Kin10 is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to train and retain 100,000 excellent science, technology, engineering, and mathematics teachers in 10 years.

“STEM efforts often focus on middle school, secondary school, and higher education preparation, and research says it really starts before that,” Brownell says. “We’re excited to talk about how we get the younger kids excited by STEM, and [get] the foundational knowledge that they need.”

“This is a place for us to connect and collaborate and see that we’re not lone voices in the wilderness out there,” she adds.

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