Story acting offers blueprint for quality preschool, says McNamee in new book

Following three- and four-year-old Head Start students during their first year of school, a new book by professor Gillian McNamee focuses on the centerpiece of their school day: story acting.

[img_caption src=”×236.jpg” link=”” align=”right” alt=”McNamee book cover”]The High-Performing Preschool: Story Acting in Head Start Classrooms, was published in May by the University of Chicago Press.

In this activity, students act out stories from high-quality children’s literature, as well as stories dictated by their peers.

Drawing on Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky and renowned American educational writer Vivian G. Paley, McNamee illustrates how story acting cultivates children’s oral and written language skills, deep thinking, and the creation of a literary community.

She also explains how story acting can offer a larger blueprint to ensure that preschools at all income levels are excellent, delivering on the promise of Head Start to provide a setting for all young children to become articulate, thoughtful, and literate learners.

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