Teachers are society’s emissaries with our children’s future, McNamee says

In an opinion piece in The Hechinger Report, Gillian McNamee, Ph.D., director of teacher education at Erikson, calls for the preparation of teachers so they can meet the needs of student and families in the 21st Century.

“Teachers are society’s emissaries with our children’s future. The needs of the 21st century are knocking on school doors daily calling for the talents and curiosity of every single child,” she writes.

“We need to meet the challenge of nurturing children’s imagination, curiosity, and desire for new friends with teachers who are aware of the responsibility and skills necessary to work with colleagues to be capable stewards of our children’s talents. Professionals in all walks of life need to regard teachers and their preparation with the seriousness and place of respect that we accord those who represent our highest ideals and goals for the future.”

The Hechinger Report: Early childhood teachers are our ambassadors to the 21st century.