TEC Mentors program 1 of 5 professional development initiatives highlighted in new report

In examining professional development for early childhood educators, The New America Foundation profiles an Erikson TEC Center program

The New America Foundation has included Erikson Institute’s TEC Mentors program in a new education policy report that focuses on professional development programs across the country that are responding to growing needs in preschool and kindergarten.

The TEC Mentors program, launched by Erikson’s Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center in 2016, is one of five programs highlighted in the report with with a feature-length profile.

“The five programs we profile in this report show that it is possible to give pre-K teachers rich, research-based training that prepares them to work with young children,” the report reads.

In the TEC Mentors profile, TEC Center Director Chip Donohue, PhD, and Associate Director Tamara Kaldor, MS ’11, explain that the program is designed to empower teachers to integrate digital media tools into their classrooms in a developmentally appropriate way.

“Some people are high-tech, but don’t have the teaching experience and vice-versa,” Kaldor says in the report. “Partnerships are formed for collaboration and teachers share with one another, fostering a community of practice.”

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