Board Chair's Message: Thank you for providing children with opportunity

From the Board Chair

“Every child has to go through certain phases as he grows. It is our job, as guiding adults, to give children the opportunity to take new steps as they are ready,” wrote my grandmother, child psychologist Edith G. Neisser, in 1951.

[img_caption src=”×150.jpg” align=”right” caption=”Kate Neisser” alt=”Kate Neisser, smiling in a wooden-paneled hallway”]Devoted to Erikson from its inception, she’d be thrilled by its hand in helping children, step after critical step, to actualize their potential.

As a graduate school in early childhood development, we train people to be leaders in the field and so much more. We partner with Chicago’s families, schools, and communities to educate those who so powerfully affect the steps children take.

Among our continuing initiatives: The Center for Children and Families provides diagnostic and therapeutic services. Erikson assesses all children ages birth through three entering the foster care system in Cook County and coordinates assessments statewide for children ages birth to five. And in this computer age, we’re advising educators how to use technology with kids to the most appropriate and fullest effect.

We’ve taken many steps since my grandmother’s day, and it is you who have been our supportive force. In 2011–12, more than 530 individuals, families, foundations, and corporations gave $6.9 million to Erikson. See highlights of Erikson’s year »

Through your gifts, you are providing the opportunity to a new generation of children and families here in Chicago and beyond.

On behalf of Erikson and kids, thank you.

Kate Neisser
Chair, Board of Trustees