Erikson news

— Erikson news in brief and class notes from the Fall/Winter 2010 issue of the Erikson on Children newsletter. More »

Erikson presents at 2009 NAEYC Conference

— Erikson president Samuel J. Meisels and other Erikson faculty, instructors and students presented and discussed research, technology and teaching practices at the 2009 National Association for the Education of Young Children annual conference in Washington, D.C. More »

Erikson leads effort to address teacher preparation for diverse classrooms

— Almost 70 percent of children in Head Start and the majority of children in the 25 largest U. S. school districts are culturally, racially and linguistically diverse children. Yet the early childhood teaching workforce remains predominantly white and monolingual. Research shows these teachers have little knowledge of the cultures, communities, and families of the children in their classrooms, while teachers report that they feel unprepared to teach effectively in multicultural and multilingual classrooms. More »

Bowman featured in AARP Magazine

Barbara T. Bowman was featured in an AARP Magazine article on accomplished individuals who achieve great things for years beyond the typical retirement age. The piece noted that Bowman oversees Chicago Public Schools' early childhood programs for 30,000 children—then walks briskly over to Erikson, checking messages on her Blackberry, to teach here, when not traveling and lecturing here. More »

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