Skills for success

To participate effectively in online courses at Erikson, you will need some basic personal computing skills. Here is a checklist of the tasks you should be able to perform.

Recommended computer skills

  • Know the components of your computer system: the desktop, windows, menus and menubars, toolbars, icons, and file directories
  • Be able to point, click, double-click, left-click and right-click, scroll, and select content with a mouse or similar device
  • Know how to open, save, and copy files
  • Know how to manage and move files and folders
  • Be able to download and install software
  • Be able to browse through computer drives to find, select, and upload files
  • Have access to a computer 5-7 days per week

Recommended software skills

  • Know which type of software to use for a specific task
  • Know how to create, edit, and format documents
  • Be able to cut and paste text
  • Know how to print documents
  • Be able to use presentation software to create slides

Web skills

  • Know how to connect to the Internet using a web browser
  • Be able to navigate within and between web pages to find information
  • Know how to go to a specific web address
  • Know how to save and use favorites or bookmarks in your browser
  • Know how to use a search engine to find information on the Internet
  • Know how to perform online literature searches

E-mail skills

  • Be able to create and receive e-mail messages
  • Know how to send and receive e-mail attachments
  • Know how to open and save attachments

Finding help

If you need help with some of these skills, tutorials and resources will be available within EriksonOnline to help you master them before courses begin.