Screenshot for EriksonOnline, the website used for delivering Erikson's online course content

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EriksonOnline, a user-friendly, web-based learning environment, will be your gateway to all course activities and materials. You’ll log in to EriksonOnline using a common web browser.

You’ll also use other free, common tools like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Ensemble Video, WebEx and Microsoft Office Online to interact and collaborate.

Computer hardware and software requirements

To participate effectively in online courses at Erikson, you will need some basic personal computing skills and the hardware and software listed below.

Computer access

For each course, you will need access to a computer with internet access an average of five out of seven days a week, for a total of 10 or more hours per week. You can log in to EriksonOnline any time and anywhere, from any computer connected to the Internet (home, work, computer lab, public wi-fi location, etc.).

Internet connection requirements

High-speed Internet access is required.

Hardware requirements

  • A personal computer running Windows 7 (or higher) or a Mac running OS X 10.7 (or higher)
  • Monitor with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 (or higher)
  • USB/Firewire web camera (or built-in camera)
  • USB headset/microphone (or built-in speakers and mic)
  • Printer

Software requirements

  • Word processing: Microsoft Pages or compatible program such as OpenOffice Writer
  • Presentation graphics: Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote or compatible program such as OpenOffice Impress
  • Web browser: EriksonOnline recommends Firefox as your web browser to access course content
  • WebEx: Instructions on how to download and access the WebEx platform will be provided prior to your first synchronous meeting
  • Email software – Erikson email ( is required; a free account is provided once you are accepted to the program