The Chicago Public Schools and Erikson Institute’s Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center are excited to provide a technology-focused professional development workshop series exclusively for early childhood teachers.

These three Professional Development (PD) workshops are open to CPS teachers from PreK through 3rd grade free of charge for a limited quantity. Each workshop will be completed asynchronously which allows you to watch the videos, reflect on the content, and submit your final survey materials at your own pace.

Each workshop is about an hour in length. You can complete any or all three workshops and earn credit upon completion through Learning Hub. Plus, you can earn a $10 Amazon gift card when you complete a survey after each workshop. Topics include:

Rethinking Technology Use in Early Childhood

Participants will explore how young children learn from screen-based devices, barriers that make learning from screen-based devices difficult, as well as strategies to effectively mitigate those barriers.

Technology & Social Emotional Learning

Participants will prioritize the whole child’s health, safety, and engagement by supporting their social emotional learning using technology tools. Participants will discover ways to use technology as a tool to support relationships between teachers and students.

Supporting Caregiver Engagement & Education

Participants will explore ways to increase caregiver engagement and involvement in remote learning while considering caregiver and family needs. This session highlights the positive outcomes and potential of remote learning as an access point to families and bridging the school to home partnership.