Erikson Institute offers a variety of courses, with and without Continuing Education Units (CEU), in addition to learning institutes and conferences, for more specific professional growth opportunities.

Professional development courses have the best of both worlds – from an evidence-based academic institution to real-world experience. You will be taught by faculty and seasoned professionals in their area of expertise. Our program offerings range from single to multiple sessions and may be in person, online or a combination of both. Once completed, students can make an immediate impact in their classroom, learning environment and more.

This summer Erikson Institute is offering many courses to a variety of early childhood professionals to hone skills, grow capacity and work more effectively with young children and their families. These virtual, interactive workshops are with experts from Erikson Institute, who lead participants through an in-depth exploration of a particular topic. Topics include technology, social work, math, and social and emotional learning. Courses vary from free to paid, with or without CEUs, and may be part of a related series.

Don’t see what you are looking for or curious about potential future courses? Send an email to [email protected].