Here at the only graduate school focused exclusively on child development, you’re immersed in a community exclusively and passionately focused on early childhood. Everyone here spends most of their time thinking about how to teach, care for, and serve young children and families more effectively.

Here, that means employing not just the latest methods and theoretical knowledge, but also self-knowledge, to better understand your relationships with the children and families you serve. And everyone goes out of their way to help our students and alumni succeed in class and in practice.

You’ll study child development as part of one of the most diverse graduate student bodies in Chicago. You’ll learn with — and from — students from widely differing cultural, ethnic, geographic, educational, and professional backgrounds.

You’ll also experience:

  • close and collaborative relationships with faculty who are actively shaping early childhood practice in the field;
  • self-discovery, as you master the skill of professional self-reflection;
  • an intellectual tradition of embracing complexity and multiple perspectives;
  • a commitment to social justice and to serving children and families of all races, ethnicities, and abilities;
  • a supportive atmosphere and a helpful staff committed to your success;
  • a wide and growing professional network that links you to contacts in early childhood, education, social service, legal, and medical communities nationwide.

Our students and graduates tell us Erikson is more than an education; it’s an intense, exhilarating personal growth experience with lasting impact on their careers and lives.

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