It’s simple, really.

The physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth that takes place in the first years of a child’s life sets the foundation for success or failure in learning and life.

Early childhood is not only astonishingly complex — it’s critically important.

Here at Erikson, we believe that to guide a child to his or her optimal potential, it’s essential to understand every aspect of that remarkable process.

Child development study at Erikson explores how a child develops from birth to age eight from all perspectives: physical/motor, cognitive, social, emotional, and language. Here, you’ll focus on how development occurs within the context of family, community, culture, and relationships. You’ll gain deep knowledge of the complex interaction among developmental domains and the role of environmental factors.

With that knowledge, you can better identify, interpret, and respond to a child’s individual differences. Whatever your field, you’ll be prepared to respond effectively to the needs, challenges, and capacities of children and their families, helping them get the best start in life.

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