Supporting the emotional health and development of infants, toddlers, and their families.

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Early Childhood Project with DCFS

Andria Goss
Through this project, Erikson administers developmental screenings to children ages birth through three entering the foster care system in Cook County and coordinates assessments statewide. More »

Family Child Care Support Research

Juliet Bromer
This study analyzed the impact of family child care support networks established by a range of independent organizations in Chicago to improve the quality of care. More »

Fussy Baby Network

The network provides support for families who have concerns about their baby’s crying, sleeping, feeding, or temperament during the first year of life. More »

Infant, Toddler, and Early Childhood Mental Health Competencies: A Comparison of Systems

Infant, Toddler, and Early Childhood Mental Health Competencies:  A Comparison of Systems This report examines how different state working groups have articulated the knowledge and skills that providers of mental health services (or mental health infused services) should have, and how these competencies are being used. Six systems are highlighted – California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, […] More »

Promoting Parenting Self-Efficacy

The study creates a new measure of parenting self-efficacy, or parents’ perceptions of their parenting abilities and competence in completing the specific tasks associated with parenting. More »