Through the ongoing projects listed below, the Erikson faculty develops knowledge and improves early childhood practice in Chicago and throughout the nation.

Early Development Instrument (EDI) Pilot Project

The Early Development Instrument (EDI) pilot project is a new initiative of Erikson Institute that further extends our commitment to improving the lives of young children by illuminating the opportunities for more precise intervention and better alignment of resources for their families and communities. More »

Infant, Toddler, and Early Childhood Mental Health Competencies: A Comparison of Systems

Infant, Toddler, and Early Childhood Mental Health Competencies:  A Comparison of Systems This report examines how different state working groups have articulated the knowledge and skills that providers of mental health services (or mental health infused services) should have, and how these competencies are being used. Six systems are highlighted – California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, […] More »

Illinois Early Childhood Fellows Program

Jana Fleming, Penny Smith
The Illinois Early Childhood Fellows Program offers a multidimensional program of leadership development to small cohorts of professionals, as well as support to build the capacity of early childhood organizations to develop and retain a diverse workforce. More »

Early Childhood Project with DCFS

Andria Goss
Through this project, Erikson administers developmental screenings to children ages birth through three entering the foster care system in Cook County and coordinates assessments statewide. More »

Project Match

Toby Herr
Project Match engages in program development and research in a range of fields related to low-income populations, including welfare-to-work, workforce development, housing, and community development. More »

Promoting Parenting Self-Efficacy

The study creates a new measure of parenting self-efficacy, or parents’ perceptions of their parenting abilities and competence in completing the specific tasks associated with parenting. More »

Fussy Baby Network

The network provides support for families who have concerns about their baby’s crying, sleeping, feeding, or temperament during the first year of life. More »

New Schools Project

Christine Maxwell
The project partners with administrators and teachers in Chicago Public Schools to establish positive, effective learning environments for children in prekindergarten through third-grade classrooms. More »

Family Strengths and Needs Assessment

The project will develop, pilot, and field test the Family Strengths and Needs Assessment (FSNA) tool focused on families of young children with disabilities and special health care needs. More »

Dual Language Learners in Chicago Public Schools

Jana Fleming, Aisha Ray, Mark Nagasawa, Jessica Manvell
Erikson is collaborating with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) on a two-year research study examining the current preschool policies and practices that support dual language learners. More »

Ounce Scale

The scale is an observational assessment for children from birth through 42 months of age and their families and one of the first performance-based assessments created for use in the first three years of life. More »

Early Math Collaborative

The project aims to improve the quality of early math education and ensure that young children are introduced to foundational mathematics. More »

Social Capital Project Planning

Juliet Bromer
The project helped develop a logic model for an intervention that links child, family, and community outcomes with social capital development activities. More »

Family Child Care Support Research

Juliet Bromer
This study analyzed the impact of family child care support networks established by a range of independent organizations in Chicago to improve the quality of care. More »