Family-Provider Partnerships

Juliet Bromer
This brief examines the alignment of research-based elements of family-provider partnerships with professional and performance standards from three national early care and education organizations. More »

Educare Implementation Study

Mark Nagasawa, Charles Chang, Jana Fleming, Jessica Ruiz
The Implementation Study examines the core features of the Educare model in practice in order to improve practices and supports the program as it generates its own practical evaluation questions. More »

Envisioning Change

Jana Fleming, Aisha Ray, Florence Kimondo
Envisioning Change is a statewide effort to close the achievement and opportunity gaps that impact thousands of African American students beginning in the earliest years. More »

Illinois Early Childhood Fellows Program

Jana Fleming, Penny Smith
The Illinois Early Childhood Fellows Program offers a multidimensional program of leadership development to small cohorts of professionals, as well as support to build the capacity of early childhood organizations to develop and retain a diverse workforce. More »

Dual Language Learners in Chicago Public Schools

Jana Fleming, Aisha Ray, Mark Nagasawa, Jessica Manvell
Erikson is collaborating with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) on a two-year research study examining the current preschool policies and practices that support dual language learners. More »

Social Capital Project Planning

Juliet Bromer
The project helped develop a logic model for an intervention that links child, family, and community outcomes with social capital development activities. More »

Family Child Care Support Research

Juliet Bromer
This study analyzed the impact of family child care support networks established by a range of independent organizations in Chicago to improve the quality of care. More »

Assessment in the Early Childhood Classroom

Suzanne Wagner
Can norm-referenced instruments improve curriculum and instruction? Research suggests that performance-based assessment can improve teaching and learning and boost performance, but many questions remain unanswered. More »

Thinking About Play in the Early Childhood Classroom

Joan Brooks McLane
The study suggests that the diversity of knowledge, beliefs, and practices among early childhood practitioners — who are ultimately responsible for how play is implemented in specific classrooms — affect many aspects of the child’s play experience. More »