Directed by Professor Linda Gilkerson, the Fussy Baby Network® provides support for families who have concerns about their baby’s crying, sleeping, feeding, or temperament during the first year of life.

Launched in 2003, the Fussy Baby Network is Chicago’s first initiative for babies with regulatory disorders and Erikson’s first clinical outreach to Chicago parents and children. The network includes a home visiting program, a clinic offered in collaboration with the University of Chicago Hospitals, a telephone support line, and parent support groups. All services are offered in Spanish as well as English.

The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Irving Harris Foundation, Pritzker Early Childhood Fund, Topfer Family Foundation, and Chicago Public Schools support the program.

If someone you know has an infant who cannot be comforted or is having trouble establishing regular sleep or eating patterns, contact the Fussy Baby Network at 1.888.431.BABY (2229) or visit for more information.