Infant, Toddler, and Early Childhood Mental Health Competencies:  A Comparison of Systems

This report examines how different state working groups have articulated the knowledge and skills that providers of mental health services (or mental health infused services) should have, and how these competencies are being used. Six systems are highlighted – California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Vermont.

The report reviews what is meant by infant, toddler, and early childhood mental health competencies, provides a brief overview of the six competency systems that are the focus of the review, shares results of the comparative analysis and summarizes areas of agreement and disagreement, and discusses the relevance of these competency systems to the current early childhood mental health movement.

The report is an update of a 2008 review of early childhood mental health competency systems written by Jon Korfmacher and Aimee Hilado for the Erikson Institute.

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