Assistant Professor Tracy Moran, in collaboration with Professor Linda Gilkerson and colleagues at the Universities of Iowa and Minnesota, is examining parenting self-efficacy, i.e., parents’ perceptions of their parenting abilities overall and competence in completing the specific tasks associated with parenting.

Moran is currently in the process of validating a new measure of parenting self-efficacy that she created with her colleagues; the measure emphasizes inclusion of developmentally appropriate items for parents of infants ages birth to 24 months of age.

In addition, Moran and her colleagues are reexamining a series of previously conducted studies and uncovering the relationships between self-efficacy and several variables of infant and parent mental health (i.e., maternal depressive and anxiety symptoms, perceived social support, and infant temperament).

By collecting new data and examining preexisting data, they are attempting to further understand the development, stability, malleability, and cultural implications of self-efficacy.