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Pediatric Mental Health Services

Learn more about infant and early childhood mental health services to support your child.

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Every Child Deserves to Reach Their Fullest Potential

Your child’s social and emotional well-being and their relationships with family are essential, as their childhood is the foundation for their entire lifespan. As a provider solely focused on supporting the mental health and development of children during the critical period of birth to age 8, Erikson is committed to helping parents like you through the complexities of behavioral and emotional disorders.

After your initial visit, our licensed clinicians will find behavioral and emotional therapies and treatment options designed to guide you and your child towards the best possible outcomes.

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Available modalities: in-person or online
Locations available from River North to Little Village, Humboldt Park and Oak Park
300 +
Families served each year


Caring for the Whole Child

The mind matters as much as the body.

The clinicians and children’s behavioral therapists at Erikson provide treatments for early childhood disorders to strengthen the social and emotional well-being of your child, for both now and the future. Our emphasis is placed on building strong relationships within the family. We treat:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Separation and school anxiety
  • Parent-child relationship problems
  • Adoption and attachment issues
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Child or family trauma
  • Adjustment to divorce
  • Grief and loss
  • Temper tantrums and nonstop crying

Erikson’s Unique Approach

Relationship-Based Approach With The Child at The Center

We want to see every child thrive and reach their full potential. We know that children thrive when they have strong, healthy relationships with their adult caregivers. Those key relationships give children firm grounding now, and in the future. We work with parents and caregivers to give them the skills to ground and nurture their children’s mental health.

Erikson is a recognized leader in infant and child development. With decades of evidence-based information, we have a rich body of tried and tested knowledge to draw on.

Building Better Relationships between Parents and Children

Center for Children and Families
“ In such a short time, the Center for Children and Families has helped us see our child as she wants to be seen and also helped us see ourselves from our child’s perspective. The impact is immeasurable — and all positive. ”
Center for Children and Families
“ We really appreciate our therapist and the work that she’s done with our family to date. Our son fully trusts her, and my husband and I appreciate the space and respect she gives our family. ”

As a Parent, What Can I Expect From An Appointment?

Our staff partners with parents and caregivers to address developmental issues.

Erikson staff will go beyond the symptoms to better understand your child, their needs, and the treatment options to help them reach their fullest potential. We employ a whole child approach that looks at a range of factors to create an effective treatment plan to resolve the issue and improve social and emotional well-being.

Our therapists may also consult with other professionals, like teachers or pediatricians, to help support a child’s individual needs. And we work closely with parents to better equip you to deal more effectively with common development and behavior problems.