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Sherry Kaufman

Sherry Kaufman

Part-time Faculty

Sherry began her legal career in the practice of School Law and served as an Assistant Regional Attorney with the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights. To better understand the challenges educators face, Sherry received an advanced degree and certifications in teaching and early childhood administration and has taught at virtually every grade level from early childhood through graduate school.

Sherry has taught Early Childhood Administration and currently teaches Working with Adults in Erikson’s Online MSECE Program.

With experience in law, policy, design thinking, and early childhood, Sherry seeks to support early childhood professionals in the crucially important work of making children’s learning visible to families and community. Helping a community understand what young children need to learn and grow is fundamental if we desire that community’s meaningful support, and Sherry seeks to give Erikson students the tools they need to be effective advocates.