Spirit of Erikson Institute Award honoree

Dr. James Heckman
Nobel Memorial Prize laureate in economics
The University of Chicago

James Heckman is a Nobel Memorial Prize winner in economics and an expert in the economics of human development.

His groundbreaking work with a consortium of economists, developmental psychologists, sociologists, statisticians, and neuroscientists has proven the great economic gains of investing in early childhood development. He has proven that the quality of early childhood development heavily influences health, economic, and social outcomes for individuals and society at large.

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Keynote speaker

Dr. Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot
Harvard University
MacArthur Prize-winning sociologist

Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot is an author, educator, researcher, public intellectual, and MacArthur Prize-winning sociologist.

In her work, she examines the culture of schools, the broad ecology of education, and the relationship between human development and social change. She has pioneered an innovative social science method called “portraiture,” which captures the complexity, dynamics, and subtlety of human experience and organizational life.

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