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NameDurationPrice (excl. GST)Next Running
CE Credit Offerings
ADHD: What It Is, What to Do3 hours$120.00
Anatomy Of a Meltdown: Fight, Flight, or FreezeThree hours$100.00
Behavior and Early Intervention Series4 days, 12 hours$380.00
Big Ideas in Early Learning3.5 days$800.00
Big Ideas in Early Learning3.5 days$850.00
Bilingualism in the Early Years1 hourPOA
Building Fact Fluency: An Introduction to Number StringsThree hours$100.00
Calm and Ready: Mindfulness for EducatorsThree hours$90.00
Catching Number Sense Through Math Games – Session Two of the Foundational Mathematics Series$90.00Register interest
Discussing Grief and Loss with Young ChildrenThree hours$100.00
Drive Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead! Realistic and Developmentally Appropriate STEAM Methods with Infants, Toddlers, and Two's During Daily RoutinesFive hours$200.00
Executive Functioning: Empowering Children for Learning and GrowthThree hours$100.00
Fathers, Reflective Functioning, and an Iterative Parallel ProcessThree hours$90.00
Gender Beliefs in the Classroom: The Role of the TeacherThree hours$100.00
Grist for the Mill: Using the Supervisory Relationship to Support Clinicians Providing Child-Parent Psychotherapy3 hours$25.00
How Young Children Learn to ReadFive hours$200.00
Inside Domestic Violence: Meanings, Mechanisms, Impact, and Repair for Early Childhood Witnesses, Survivor Caregivers and Abusive Partners.$99.00
It Takes A Village: Supporting Families of Young and Elementary School Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders5 hours$200.00
Language and Vocabulary Development: Birth to Age FiveThree hours$100.00
Making Math Meaningful with Good Books – Session Three of the Foundational Mathematics SeriesThree hours$90.00
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