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A group of students at an Erikson Institute event.

Graduate Certificate Programs in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, Infant Mental Health, and More

Enhance your expertise and earn additional credentials.

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Social Service and Higher Education teacher with children.

Make a Bigger Impact with a Child and Family Studies Graduate Certificate

Deepen your expertise to better support children and families.

Teachers, educators, clinicians like you believe like we do that all children deserve to reach their full potential – no matter their circumstances. As a premier graduate school in childhood development we prepare teachers, social workers, and other practitioners to understand and support the early experiences which determine a child’s future.

Explore Graduate Certificate Programs

Advance your Career with a Graduate Certificate

You can earn additional credentials or endorsements with Erikson’s graduate certificate programs, to help demonstrate your expertise and expand your earning potential. With proven programs and flexible formats, you can find a program that supports your goals.

Child Development Certificate

Explore key ideas from a variety of early child development disciplines, including Developmental psychology, Neurobiology, Anthropology, Education, Sociology and more.

Early Childhood Leadership & Advocacy Certificate

Develop strong skills in management, working with adults, policy influencers, and advocates to position yourself as an effective and visionary early childhood leader.

Early Childhood Social and Emotional Learning Graduate Certificate

Learn skills and techniques that will enhance your ability in working with young children who have experienced trauma and stress and improve their learning experiences.

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Certificate Program

In this graduate level certificate program, you will learn to support parent-child relationships through promotion, prevention, intervention, or consultation services.

Robert Bryant
Infant Specialist 2017
“ I decided to attend Erikson because my teaching experience has shown me more and more that everything starts in early childhood. ”
Tajuana Rice
Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Certificate 2017
“ Erikson is unique because its faculty and practitioners have hands on experience in the field, and use real time practices in their work. ”
Sarah Nelson
Bilingual/ESL Certificate 2015
“ At Erikson, you can develop outstanding bilingual teaching skills and support cultural, linguistic, and social justice. ”
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Learn More About Financial Aid and Scholarships

100% of applicants are eligible for Erikson scholarships.

Certificate students can earn up to 25% off their total program tuition by stacking our Leadership and Affordability scholarships. Erikson also participates in several federal and state financial aid programs.

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Early Childhood Graduate Program Faculty

Early Childhood Leaders Teach at Erikson

Learn from the field’s experts.

At Erikson Institute, our nationally recognized faculty share knowledge, research, and experiences to guide tomorrow’s leaders.

Develop close and collaborative relationships with Erikson’s professors — respected voices for children doing the critical work and research to further our practices — and become a leader in your field.

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Research and Evidence-Based Learning

Learn about new research, technique, and strategies.

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Industry Expertise

Benefit from Erikson’s 55+ years of pioneering work with young children and families.

Headshot of Zenia Haynes, Erikson Institute Alumnus, Infant Mental Health Certificate.
Zenia Haynes
Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Certificate 2022
“ When I first entered the Erikson Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Certificate/Credential program, I did not perceive how the work I currently do could be impactful to the field of infant mental health. The beauty of the program is that it meets the student where they are, and using strength-based approaches and reflection, helps students to see what they can contribute to make the world a better place. ”

Graduate Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some important questions that students like you want to know.

Depending on the certificate program in which you’re enrolled and the master’s degree in which you are interested, six to 15 credits from your certificate program courses can transfer to any of Erikson’s four master’s degree programs. The only exception at this time is the Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health certificate program, which is a post-master’s certificate program and a total of four credits from the program can be transferred to the Master of Social Work program. Talk to our admissions team for more detail.

Post-baccalaureate certificate programs generally offer course work at the upper undergraduate level, while courses in graduate certificate programs are at the graduate level. There are always exceptions depending on the individual institute of higher education, but Erikson Institute’s certificate program courses are all taught at the graduate level.

Erikson’s certificates are for academic credit. You may have the option of enrolling in graduate certificate program courses for professional development credit rather than academic credit. This is contingent on approval from the program director and the admission committee.

Courses taken for professional development credit are not eligible for federal or Erikson financial aid. Additionally, if taken as professional credits they are generally not eligible to be transferred to another degree program, either at Erikson or at another institution of higher education.

If you are enrolled in a certificate program to earn a professional credential or license, courses taken for professional development credit may not fulfill the requirements for the respective credential. Always check with the correct professional body that awards the credential you are seeking to make sure your professional development credit will be accepted.