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Professional Development for Early Childhood Professionals, Educators & Organizations

Improve and strengthen your early care and education skills with Erikson.

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Empowering Early Childhood Professionals

Knowledge and skills to support young children.

A child’s first 1,800 days are vitally important in their development and play an important role throughout their lives. Positive early experiences can lead to higher academic achievement, better health, and greater overall well-being later in life. Strengthening the relationships between child and parent, or child and caregiver are essential to providing high-quality care for all children.

The care and education of children from infancy to Pre-K through third grade are vital to a child’s continued success. Erikson provides comprehensive learning and professional development programs for schools, districts, and systems in subject areas of home-based child care, social and emotional learning, literacy, math, and technology. These programs are intended for early childhood teachers and administrators, early care professionals and organizations, both nationally and internationally.

Continue Your Early Childhood Professional Development with Erikson

Partner with Erikson to Transform Your Early Learning Workforce

Erikson focuses on the early childhood workforce, creating relationship- and evidence-based professional development for diverse adult learners at all stages of their career through a developmentally informed approach that is relationship-based, marked by reflective practice, and is designed to be culturally and linguistically responsive.

From micro-credentials to earning college credits, certificates that stack into graduate school programs, or continuing education credits, Erikson can partner with you to create a professional development plan that meets your needs.


Professional Development for Early Care Professionals

Facilitating Attuned Interactions (FAN) Training

Erikson trains and consults with organizations that want to adopt our approach to building better relationships with parents, called Facilitating Attuned Interactions, which we refer to as FAN.


Professional Development Activities & Resources

Find professional development ideas, topics and past programs for teachers and child care professionals with a focus on home-based child care, social and emotional learning, early literacy, early math, and technology.

Math Activities for Preschool & Kindergarten

Erikson’s Early Math Collaborative increases the quality of foundational math education in early childhood settings. Erikson continues to publish research and provide access to previously-developed research and professional development to teachers, and other early education professionals.

Learn more about our early math expertise

Professional Development for Teachers

In its last year, Project Connect aims to improve kindergarten teachers’ ability to observe, document, interpret, and make use of assessment data to inform instruction. This year-long professional development for kindergarten teachers is in partnership with the Illinois State Board of Education.

Learn more about Project Connect

Technology in Early Education

Erikson created the Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center to empower early childhood professionals to make informed decisions about the appropriate use of technology with children from birth to age 8. Erikson continues its commitment to informing early technology use and media literacy in the classroom and other early childhood settings within our current offerings.

Learn more about our technology expertise

Home-Based Learning & Care Resources

Erikson’s Town Square connects home-based child care professionals to professional development and on-demand resources for continued learning. Town Square is a free resource for both licensed and license-exempt providers.

Learn more about our Home-Based Learning & Care expertise

Rebecca Vonderlack Navarro
Rebecca Vonderlack-Navarro
Manager of Education Policy and Research, Latino Policy Institute
“ I’m not an expert in math at all, but working with Erikson, I was surprised how much I learned about it and how important early math is. I’m excited to learn how to further support parent engagement around early math. ”
Staci Sontoski
Staci Sontoski
Milwaukee Child Welfare Partnership
“ When I first saw the FAN presented, I said, ‘This is it! This is the tool for helping home visitors engage and connect better with families.’ I have seen professionals develop a whole new understanding of their practice with families and implement strategies that help them to truly partner with parents. ”

We Are an IL-EMPOWER Approved Learning Partner