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Community Services

Helping grow the relationships needed to facilitate children’s ability to reach their fullest potential.

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Overview of Community Services

Research-Based Community Services for Children, Families, and Advocates

Together, we assess children and create a plan to best serve their needs.

We provide research and evidence-based programs and services to children, families, and partner advocates throughout Chicagoland at our Center for Children and Families (CCF). Backed by our expert clinicians, we build the relationships to help children and families heal.

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We Put Children and Families First

7000 +
Chicagoland families with children assisted since opening in 2009
1450 +
Pro-bono treatment and assessment annual service hours
40 %
Of CCFs clients receive pro-bono or slide scale services
600 +
Patients treated by CCF across all clinic sites in 2021

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Help Children Grow and Learn using Research-Based Services

Early interventions give children a guided path toward a better future.

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Find positive ways to support your child’s lasting growth. Our research-based community services to assess, diagnose, and support the needs of children and their families.

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Connect with our experts as we train professionals, and provide referrals, consultations, and other resources for families, including those involved with city and state programs like DCFS.

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The Center for Children and Families

Early Childhood Mental Health Services

At the Center for Children and Families, our experienced specialists help families understand the complex needs of children. With a focus on prenatal to age 8, our programs are designed to support the whole child — and the whole family — in achieving long-term wellness.

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Center for Children and Families
“ I truly appreciate the openness our therapist has with us and the flexibility she shows. It is clear that she always has our child’s and our family’s best interest at heart. You can’t ask for better than that. And she is incredibly skilled at what she does. An excellent combination. ”
Center for Children and Families
“ We really appreciate our therapist and the work that she’s done with our family to date. Our son fully trusts her, and my husband and I appreciate the space and respect she gives our family. ”
Center for Children and Families
“ I am very comfortable recommending Erikson as a place you can get a thorough and accurate testing model you can work with for your child, including recommendations for independent specialists to add to your team. ”

Professional Programs and Trainings

Child Advocates and Professionals Deserve Evidence-Based Supports

Helping children who are at risk of not receiving services.

We work with city and state agencies to understand the needs of our communities. By supporting children and families involved in city and state systems, we strive to empower all to reach their fullest potential.

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Our DCFS collaborative project serves children, most of whom are younger than 5, that are involved with the child-welfare system.

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Our staff helps Early Head Start programs with support, training and consultation around child development and inclusion in early childhood education settings.

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Improve your skills with our evidence-based training program or customized training to better support families and children.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Find the services you need to support a child at Erikson Institute. Reach out to connect with our Community Services staff and get the answers you need.

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Child Development Assessments

Determine What A Child Needs with DCFS Clinical Assessments

With an understanding of child development, our clinicians and mental health specialists help professionals understand what supports a child needs to best reach their full potential.

Learn more about our DCFS clinical assessments, conducted by trained specialists, that identify ways to strengthen families and help children thrive.

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