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Facade of the Erikson Institute

Graduate School in Early Childhood

Join us in uncovering and sharing knowledge in the service of children.

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Erikson is committed to the pursuit of justice as advocates for inclusive teaching while righting the wrongs of the past for all our children.

— Dr. Mariana Souto-Manning
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Where Knowledge, Research & Policy Meet

As the premier graduate school for early childhood development, education, and social work, Erikson Institute conducts critical research that impacts policy decisions at home in Chicago and beyond.

Make your impact. Find your path. Join us in advocating for all children.

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Explore our graduate programs and professional development opportunities.

community services

Access critical resources for families, community partners, and state agencies.

Policy and Research

Discover the latest research and policy briefs from our early childhood specialists.

News + Press

Ideas to Change the Future at Erikson

Review a policy brief, dive into research articles, and unpack the latest early childhood development news and trends.

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By the Numbers

Join a diverse community of learners and early childhood development experts in advocating on behalf of children.


7 :1
Student-Faculty Ratio
19 66
Founded with Early Childhood Focus
49000 +
Average hours of field service by students annually
96.7 %
Employment rate for master’s degree students
Tracy Vega
MSW ’16
“ There isn’t any other graduate program like this. They don’t just let anyone out in the field. They want you to be as prepared as possible. You’re impacting people’s lives, and Erikson understands that. ”
Rakhee Dodia
MS in Early Childhood Education with Bilingual/ESL Endorsement ’16
“ Erikson really transformed my teaching philosophy 180 degrees. It’s rigorous, and I appreciate that. The professors see teaching as a profession that requires a lot of experience and knowledge. ”


Early Childhood Academic Programs

Join the next generation of leaders in early child development by pursuing a degree or certificate program.

Introducing a reimagined and transformed teacher licensure program in Illinois with three embedded endorsements enabling teachers to truly prepare for every child in the classroom.

Earn your MS in a flexible and proven program built for hard-working professionals, or explore a wealth of certificate and licensure programs designed to help you advance your career.

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Explore our vast fellowship, courses, seminars and customizable programs offered by Erikson Institute’s premier professional development and training department, where we turn knowledge into action.

Experience Erikson Institute

A place for professionals passionate about childhood advocacy.

Learn why Erikson Institute is home to thousands of like-minded, passionate people dedicated to learning, growing, and advocating on behalf of children everywhere.

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Community Services for Children & Families

Join us in advocating for children, families, and our communities.

With dozens of community partnerships and government-sponsored initiatives, Erikson Institute’s team of clinicians and social workers offer critical research-based community services — on campus, in homes, and in community-based settings.

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Access early childhood mental health specialists and behavioral treatment options for children and families through the ground-breaking work at the Center for Children and Families.

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Connect and learn about the Early Childhood Project, a collaboration with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) led by our developmental specialists who understand the needs of children.

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Discover Research & Policy at Erikson Institute

Research to Inform Policy. Policy to Change the Future.

We conduct ground-breaking early childhood development research and generate new knowledge to invigorate our academic courses, and improve the lives of children and families in Chicago and across the U.S.

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Your Help is Needed to Support Early Childhood Development Programs

Take Action. Give Back. Make an Impact.

At Erikson Institute, we’re generating knowledge and sharing it with the world. Future leaders, advocates, and experts rely on the research, education, community services, and policy work we do to create a more equitable, more just world for children everywhere.

You can be part of this world-changing work. Learn more about the difference you have the power to make.

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