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About Erikson Institute

Empower Early Childhood Professionals.
Improve Children’s Lives.

Building Better Futures for All Children

We’re on a mission to educate, inspire, and promote leadership that supports children and their families in reaching their fullest potential.

Erikson Institute connects the adults in children’s lives to the latest scientific research and data on childhood development and learning.

By promoting collaborative, innovative thinking, we create lasting change that empowers professionals, families, and communities to build better futures for all children.

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Knowledge in the Service of Children

All children deserve equitable access to education and a community that supports their health and emotional well-being.

Erikson Institute educates, inspires, and promotes leadership to serve the needs of children and families. By offering education, family services, research, and leadership, we strive to help all children achieve optimal educational, social, emotional, and physical well-being.

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How We Impact Change

By guiding families and the professionals who work with them in understanding the significance of early childhood development and education, we make a long-term lasting impact on children’s lives.

For Children

Advocate for public policies proven to positively impact children’s lives that span social, health, and education sectors.

For Families

Provide responsive and data-based resources and support to families that affect the growth and development of children.

For Advocates

Promote research-based education and professional development of adults who advocate for children and lead through change.

Erikson in the News

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Headshot of Dennis P. Hopkins, PsyD, Iroquois Mental Health Clinic.
Dennis P. Hopkins, PsyD
Executive Director | Iroquois Mental Health Clinic
“ We’ve hired numerous Erikson graduates. What I love about Erikson is the whole notion about focusing on child development. It doesn’t matter if you are working with a family with children or working with adults—those first few years of life are crucial in everyone’s development. ”

Programs for Advocates & Families

Learn more about our coordinated effort to impact change for children and families by exploring our comprehensive programming.

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Academic Programs

Explore education programs for educators, social workers, and childhood advocates, including our master’s degrees, licensure programs, and innovative professional development opportunities.


Family Services

Find services that help families with young children. Infant and early childhood specialists provide resources and support to promote a safe and healthy childhood.


Research, Policy & Leadership

Discover the latest scientific research and analysis around early childhood development, and explore ways to impact change through leadership and policy.

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Help Us Improve Children’s Lives

Gift children the power of tomorrow.

Your financial support translates directly into innovative programs that empower early childhood advocates to shape a world conducive to the growth and development of young children.

Learn more about how to become a philanthropic partner with Erikson and review our financial reports, supporters, and donor-centered initiatives.

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A Message from Our President

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portrait of Mariana Souto-Manning
Mariana Souto-Manning, Ph.D.
President of Erikson Institute
“ It is an incredible honor to serve as president of Erikson Institute, and I look forward to working with the entire Erikson family and community. Erikson is poised to deliver an extraordinary, high-quality educational experience, make programs more accessible to diverse populations, expand the knowledge base, and influence systemic change. ”

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Advocating on behalf of children means staying up-to-date with the latest news, research, and policies.

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Our History

Over 55 Years Of Early Childhood Leadership

Founded in 1966, Erikson Institute remains at the forefront of shaping policy and education around early childhood development and education.

Recognizing the need for those who work with children to understand children’s complex social, emotional, and behavioral needs, Erikson’s founders laid the groundwork to impact lasting change, a mission we work towards every day.

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Commitment To Early Childhood Advocacy

Family is at the heart of what we do, and that is why the Erikson family prides itself on a shared commitment to our values.

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Freedom of Inquiry & Expression

We encourage open and vigorous discussion and strive to maintain an environment in which the free exchange of ideas and opinions flourish.

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Relationship-Based Education

We recognize the centrality of all relationships in learning, advocating for and developing an approach to education that supports these connections.

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Commitment To Social Justice

We seek to contribute to a significant improvement in the quality, effectiveness, and equity of education and services for all children and families.

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We address the interests and needs of an increasingly diverse society and prepare professionals to work with populations that vary immensely.

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We strive to understand and value the interplay of various biological, psychological, cultural, historical, and social factors that influence each child.

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We empower education program alumni to lead and advocate with academic programs they report are exacting and more than worth the effort.

Connect With a Comprehensive Networking Hub

Find a career. Find a candidate. Together, we can help early childhood experts — educators, social workers, researchers, and advocates — find worth work and build better connections.

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Join a team of passionate individuals dedicated to creating lasting positive change for children.

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Submit a job posting to our exclusive Erikson alumni and student job board on Handshake.

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Review the Erikson Institute Career Services digital resume book to locate strong job candidates.

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Bring early childhood expertise into your organization and support the professional growth of students.