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children playing together; Head Start Program Eyes on the Future Development Center, Chicago

Early Childhood Data Reports

Using well-being data and evidence-based research to inform whole-community solutions.

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Policy & Leadership Reports

Empowering Leaders to Evolve Public Policies Based on Data

The more we know, the better we can serve children, families, and communities.

Through our Policy and Leadership initiatives, we work to improve children’s lives by supporting data-driven public policies in service of positive outcomes.

Discover data on I/ECMH consultants serving Illinois, feedback from consultants and the early childhood workforce on the benefits of consultation, and the barriers to accessing these services.

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Gain further insight into child development and critical factors with Illinois’ Risk and Reach Report, an analysis of county-by-county data and the reach of publicly-funded programs.

Learn more about our neighborhood-level population measure administrated in kindergarten to gauge the development of young children within the context of their community.

Early Childhood Research Informs the Need for Action 

The first 1800 days of life set the stage for children’s development
13 %
Return on investment per child for high quality early childhood development programs
85 %
Of brain growth and development happens in the first 5 years of life

Advance Racial Equity, Systems Change

Amplify your social justice work and advocacy

The social justice movements have provided everyone an opportunity to learn or enhance their approach when it comes to addressing equity. Anti-Racism practices challenge and transform beliefs, ideas, behaviors, policies, institutions, and systems rooted in white-centric ideology. The purpose is to shift power, voice, and perspective to the lived experiences of Black, Native, Latine, and many other historically marginalized communities—restoring justice where there were inequities.

Our workshops give you the tools to identify systemic barriers, their root causes, and equitable solutions.

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