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Copyright protection for work created by students

Erikson Institute’s intellectual property policy seeks to encourage the:

  • Creation of original scholarship, including online work and electronic media
  • Development of educational materials, applications and products
  • Dissemination of Erikson’s work throughout the profession and the academic community, with such work identified with Erikson Institute.

Work created by students

Erikson students shall own copyrights in the papers, theses, dissertations, and other scholarly works they produce while at Erikson, except in the following circumstances:

  • Scholarly work authored by a faculty member with assistance from a student shall be owned by the Erikson faculty member;
  • Erikson owns any student work that constitutes or is part of a sponsored work as defined in the Institute’s intellectual property policy;
  • Erikson owns any work for which Erikson has obtained a written transfer of copyright from the student and Erikson owns any student works created as part of the student’s employment at Erikson.

Erikson rights regarding student-owned work

  • Erikson has an interest in using certain student-owned works for academic purposes (e.g., grading), and in maintaining copies of student work for administrative and disciplinary purposes. As a condition of enrollment, Erikson students grant Erikson the irrevocable, perpetual right to use and retain all copies of student work for these purposes.
  • Student works that constitute notes of classroom lectures or exercises shall not be used by the student for commercial purposes.

The full text of the Institute’s Intellectual Property Policy is available on the Academics home page on (log-in required).