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Decolonizing Data and Language Part 2: Aligning Intentions with Impact

Apr 27, 2023 10AM – Apr 28, 2023 1PM Virtual

This two-day virtual workshop includes Erikson’s coaching support and activities where you will examine the use of language in different scenarios, including your own.


Date: April 27 – 28, 2023

Time: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Location: Virtual

Price: $750

10% off for groups of three or more. The group discount is applied when 3 or more people are registered at one time.

For questions about the workshop, contact Erikson’s Policy and Leadership Department.

You’ve attended Part 1 of the Decolonizing Data and Language workshop series, now you can build on those learnings to apply it directly to your work, incorporate it into your regular practice, and share it with your organization.

This virtual workshop takes place over two days, three hours each day. It will take you through activities to identify how you can change your organization's messaging to be more effective and prevent unintentional harms. Examine your mission statements, advocacy messaging, funding proposals, infographics, or other communications and receive coaching on modifying them to be more humanizing and systems focused.

To participate in Part 2, it is required to have participated in Decolonizing Data and Language Part 1.

Space is limited: A maximum of 50 people can register and a minimum number of 10 is required in order for the workshop to run effectively.

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Penny Smith

Penny Smith

Director, Learning and Impact

Penny Smith is a Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD®), IDI®(Intercultural Development Instrument) Qualified Administrator, and co-creator of “Decolonizing Data and Language” workshop. She leads the Policy and Leadership Department at Erikson Institute as the director of learning and impact and is focused on developing capacity-building learning models that activate a base of committed Illinois leaders who can protect and increase investments in early childhood; contribute to building back the early childhood system; and amplify awareness of the importance of early childhood locally, statewide and nationally.

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Atena Danner

Atena Danner,

Associate Director, Learning and Facilitation

Atena Danner is the associate director of learning and facilitation for Erikson’s Policy and Leadership Department. Applying diverse lenses to intersecting issues, Danner develops content and provides rigorous facilitation, generative collaboration, and radical imagination to adult learning experiences. Her work in Erikson’s Early Childhood Leadership Academy programs helps build the capacity of leaders in early childhood development and racial equity. Having more than 15 years of experience in the early childhood field, Danner is an experienced and responsive facilitator, committed to creating brave spaces for learning that balance challenging reflective practice with joyful engagement.

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