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Erikson’s Infant /Toddler Inclusion Project

Providing support services to Chicago’s Early Childhood Education Centers to help with developmental evaluations and related services.


Infant Toddler Inclusion Project

Increasing Access for Infants & Young Children to Early Intervention Services

Erikson’s staff help serve parents with children five years or younger who may be experiencing behavioral, motor, or developmental delays. With connections to the services and support these families need, the children will be on the path toward their health, educational and literacy goals.

Linking The Needs of Families with Young Children to Needed Developmental Services

Erikson staff provide consultation to Early Childhood Education Centers across the Chicago area to support their developmental screening process and ensure young children get referred to necessary developmental evaluation and services, including referring children to:

Early Intervention

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Local school district

Other developmental and early childhood programming

Erikson’s Unique Approach

Relationship-Based Approach with The Child at The Center

We know that children thrive when they have strong, healthy relationships with their adult caregivers. That’s why our goal isn’t just to connect families to available developmental support and resources but also to educate professionals and caregivers to understand the development and needs of the individual child.

When we make referrals for services, we do so with the goal of supporting the child’s long-term education, health and well-being.