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Rebecca Mermelstein

Part-Time Faculty

Rebecca Mermelstein graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with her Doctorate in Developmental and Clinical Psychology and received her Master's in Human Development at The School of Education at Harvard. Rebecca is a child clinical psychologist. In 1984, she opened her own private practice where she treats children with social-emotional and developmental challenges. She consults with parents and specializes in diagnostic evolutions.

Rebecca has been teaching at Erikson for more than 20 years as an adjunct professor. She initially began teaching Assessment courses and the course that was called Human Development but as time went on, she collaborated with other professors and developed Social Emotional Development 1 and 2. SED 1 and 2 are core courses at Erikson that every graduate student takes.

Rebecca is passionate about development as we are constantly learning, growing, and changing. She brings her reflective practice into the classroom to provide students with the opportunity to be curious and bring their perspectives into their own learning. Teaching Erikson students is just one way where she can continue to impact the fields of Child Development, Early Childhood Education, and Social Work. In Rebecca’s free time she is a consultant to Head Start.