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Customized Policy Training and Consulting

Lead your organization and projects with an anti-racism approach.


What is an Anti-Racism Approach?

Ensuring you and your team are taking an anti-racism approach requires developing a disciplined practice of challenging, abolishing, and/or transforming the beliefs, ideas, behaviors, policies, institutions, and systems that uphold systemic racism, the oppression of Black people and other groups historically marginalized by white supremacy and its many expressions.

Applying an anti-racist lens shifts power, voice, and perspective to the lived experiences of communities of color with the intent of collective liberation through solutions that equitably distribute resources and foster self-determination.

Anti-racism is the path that leads to racial equity.

Tailored Learning Experiences

Build your and your team’s capacity.

Erikson creates an engaging and safe space for people to learn, express their thoughts and share ideas. Workshops can be tailored according to organizational needs and availability and can incorporate activities, breakout groups and follow-up materials or resources.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Developing an anti-racist approach to your work
  • Understanding the public policy cycle
  • Focusing on root causes and systems change
  • Decolonizing data and language
  • Ensuring diverse representation and community voices in decision-making

Project Consultation

Design an equitable and inclusive roadmap for your work.

Erikson can help organizations looking to lead their work with an equity-centered approach. Services include but are not limited to:


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Racial equity analysis

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Facilitating focus groups

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Pre-project planning

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Needs assessment

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Strategic planning

Beyond the Numbers Workshop

Gain insight on data justice principles in this introductory workshop where equity means centering community stories, history and wisdom.

This VIRTUAL interactive workshop fosters critical thinking to interpret data and develop data narratives that center communities. When using data, it is critical to unpack the stories behind the statistics, graphs, and catchy media sound bites. The power of the data narrative in decision-making can significantly impact policies and resource allocation, and it is the community from which data derives that is entitled to its ownership, narrative creation, and benefits.

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Decolonizing Data and Language Workshops

Re-examine Your Messaging

Your team can deepen their understanding of how data and the words we use can dehumanize and deflect from focusing on systemic flaws with a private training. Structural racism is baked in our systems, and we offer a part one and two of this workshop as well as a hybrid version of the two. Your team will walk away with ways to effectively use data and language to illuminate systemic barriers and reveal root causes.

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Organizations Engaged in Our Services

Each Solution is as Unique as the Situation

Early Care and Learning Council logo

Early Care & Learning Council

  • Tailored Workshops
  • Program Assessment
Raising Illinois logo

Raising Illinois

  • Racial Equity Assessment
  • Toolkit Development
  • Decolonizing Data and Language Workshop
Cook County Government logo

Cook County Government

  • Decolonizing Language Tools
  • Policy Brief Consultation
  • Bridging Connections to Educators
  • Thought Partnership on Data Collection
Governor's Office of Early Childhood logo

Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development

  • Decolonizing Data and Language Workshop
Pritzker Children's Initiative logo

Pritzker Children’s Initiative

  • Decolonizing Data and Language Workshop
Birth to Five Illinois logo

Birth to Five Illinois

  • Decolonizing Data and Language Workshop series
  • Beyond the Numbers: Centering Communities in the Data Narrative