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Racial Equity Workshops & Training

Amplify your social justice work and advocacy using a root-cause lens.

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Advance Racial Equity, Systems Change

Build your anti-racism practice to identify systemic barriers and equitable solutions.

The social justice movements have provided everyone an opportunity to learn or enhance their approach when it comes to addressing equity. Anti-Racism practices challenge and transform beliefs, ideas, behaviors, policies, institutions, and systems rooted in white-centric ideology. The purpose is to shift power, voice, and perspective to the lived experiences of Black, Native, Latine, and many other historically marginalized communities—restoring justice where there were inequities.

Our workshops give you the tools to identify systemic barriers, their root causes, and equitable solutions.

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We offer three ways to enhance your social justice work and advocacy.


Free sneak peek at our workshop content and approach.


Explore how data and language can address the root cause of systemic injustices.


Build your anti-racism practice within your organization.

Primer Video: Our DNA
Our DNA | Erikson Institute Policy & Leadership

Step 1: Primers for Racial Equity Workshops

Watch free and short videos to learn about Erikson’s approach to equity.

Learn what to expect from the workshops with four videos that provide insight on key concepts such as anti-racism practice, data justice and human-centered approaches.

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Step 2: Workshops


Elevate Equity by Decolonizing Data and Language

Social justice movements call for removing the onus of very complex social issues from individuals and, instead, shifting our focus to our systems. The data and words we use can dehumanize and deflect from systemic flaws that need repair or overhauling. Explore the dangers of labels and data infographic messaging. Then, in part two and with the help of the Erikson team, update your communication materials to point to root causes and solutions to change the system.

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Beyond the Numbers


Equity that goes Beyond the Numbers

Equity in data narratives requires stories from the community and lived experiences to make meaning of numbers, statistics, and graphs. Explore data justice principles such as consent and transparency, community wisdom, and building trust.

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Step 3: Training to Boost Your Organization’s Racial Equity Work and Advocacy

Organizational learning contributes to innovation and building a culture of adaptability.

Erikson offers private workshops for you and your colleagues to advance anti-racism practice within the context of your equity work.

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Small classes


Tailored Learning Experiences

Dive deeper into your organization’s needs with customized workshops.

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Project Consultation

Lead your organization with an equity-centered approach.