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Student Services and Academic Advising

Get the personalized care you need to succeed as an Erikson student.

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Build A Strong Foundation for Your Student Success

At Erikson, you are our main focus.

Your success is our priority with academic advising, disability resources and other academic assistance services to support your student journey. We are here to help you reach your academic goals.

  • Academic advising
  • International student advising
  • Writing tools and learning resources
  • Support for students with disabilities
  • Multicultural student affairs
  • Student assistance plan
  • Resources for your housing search
  • Discounted parking and public transportation
  • Technology resources
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Academic Advising

What Advising Support Will I Get?

Advising at Erikson is relationship-based, personalized, and ongoing for all students.

Your advisors will help you navigate program requirements and provide guidance required to complete your graduate studies. A faculty advisor with expertise in the program you’re pursuing will help you through any internship, field placement or action research. Certificate and master’s students will also have the support of an advisor in the Academic Advising Office.

Email the Academic Advising Office

Lisa Moulton
Lisa Moulton
MS Early Childhood Education ‘17
“ The organization and support Erikson provided was critical to my ability to complete this rigorous program. There are also wonderful advisors that help you at every step, as well as technical support, which was critical. ”

Academic and Writing Support Resources

Explore our Academic Success Center

With on-campus and online support, the Academic Success Center helps with study habits, writing skills, and class assignments.

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Writing and learning support

Consult on all stages of the writing process and class assignments including brainstorming, developing an outline, organizing ideas for a final draft, and discussing your writing. You can also find assistance with reading, citations, and videos about other issues at the Center.

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Work with tutors for short-term or ongoing individual academic support upon a consultation with the Academic Success Center. Erikson tutors are alumni who bring their experience and insights into the curriculum you will be studying.

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Study Groups

Dig deeper into your curriculum at tutor-led sessions each semester for selected child development master’s courses. These tutor-led sessions provide an opportunity for you and your peers to support one another and learn about how to succeed in the course.

Summer Writing Course

Prepare for academic writing at Erikson by taking this free writing course in August. The course, which meets on-campus or online for four weeks, is designed to help you understand and prepare for the academic demands of a graduate program.

Multicultural Student Affairs

We Are Stronger Together

Our diversity is our strength.

And our Erikson students, faculty, and staff represent the cultural richness of our broader society. The current student body is one of the most diverse among master’s programs in Chicago, allowing you to deepen your learning experience, strengthen your bonds with other students and participate in co-creating an inclusive and equitable environment that recognizes and values the contributions of all.

As a student of color in your first year, you will have an Erikson alum as a mentor to support you in your student journey and beyond. Mentors will act as a guide and establish a networking opportunity that will extend beyond your time as a student.

Email Multicultural Student Affairs

Natalie Dowdell
Natalie Dowdell
Academic Advisor
“ The cultural environment at Erikson as collaborative. Overall, there is a willingness to work together for the good of the school and its students. ”

Start Your Student Journey with the Right Resources

Dedicated to the student experience. Your experience.

With advisors dedicated to your success, get personalized counsel on your unique needs and the resources for you to excel.

International students have access to individualized advising and support on issues ranging from F-1 immigration regulations to making a successful personal transition to living in the U.S. once you arrive on campus. Our international student advisors are trained through NAFSA, the Association for International Educators and will advise you on all immigration-related matters.

community services

Educational opportunities are for all students. Erikson’s Disability Office works with you to determine which accommodations may best serve your learning needs and assist you throughout your student journey. Erikson complies with federal, state, and local laws regarding accommodation of students with disabilities.

You can depend on Erikson’s library and staff to help with your research and reading needs. The library offers a specialized collection in all areas of the curriculum, including over 5,000 children’s books and 300 assessment and screening tools. Whether you visit the campus location or use our online collections, our library staff can assist you.

Registration & Student Records

Navigate Your Student Experience with Help from the Registration & Student Records Office

The Registration & Student Records Office is here to help students navigate their way through their program from start to finish. We also help serve alumni with their needs for records and transcripts.

  • Request a transcript
  • Change of address
  • Immunization
  • Enrollment verification

Visit the Registration & Student Records

Student Services FAQs

Find answers to other questions students ask about.

Erikson Institute does not have a student health center. As of 2019 the individual mandate has been repealed by an Act of Congress. With that, students are still encouraged to obtain health insurance, but are no longer required to do so on a State or Federal Level.

Students may already be covered by private insurance either through their employers or through a spouse or family member. If you are a student who is not currently covered by private insurance, you will have the ability to utilize the Illinois online Health Marketplace,, to select an insurance plan that best meets your needs.

While we don’t have a traditional Counseling Center on our campus, as a student, you and your immediate family will have access to a confidential student assistance program (SAP) offered through ERS, an AllOne Health company. This program, My Life Expert, provides 24/7/365 telephonic, video, and chat support on a range of personal issues. It is also a source of articles and videos which focus on wellbeing. If you need further support, you have access to 8 free sessions with a counselor in person or virtually.

The SAP also offers 30-minute phone consultations around financial or legal issues.

Yes, Erikson is fully accessible. If you need assistance or accommodation, please contact the Erikson reception desk at (312) 755-2250 in advance or upon arrival.

Yes. On campus, you’ll have free wi-fi and access to our computer labs. Staff members are available to assist weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Most computers are Windows-based, and you will have access to network printers.