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Preschools that teach "soft skills" more ideal than norm, says Bowman

Professor Barbara Bowman was quoted by WBEZ 91.5 on the quality of early childhood education across Illinois.

WBEZ reports that businessmen like J.B. Pritzker and PNC Illinois Chairman Joe Gregoire are investing in young children in an effort to improve the community, as well as the future workforce.

[img_caption link=”” align=”right” caption=”Professor Barbara Bowman” alt=”Professor Barbara Bowman”]During children’s earliest years, they learn the “soft skills,” such as persistence and the ability to listen, that businesses value in their employees.

Bowman, who is the former head of early childhood education for the Chicago Public Schools, notes that Illinois’s child care program licensing focuses on safety and nutrition, rather than education and development of soft skills.

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Barbara Bowman

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