Date  ▾ Course # Course Title Cost
November 4 W923 Home Visiting: A Primer on Program and Policy $90.00
November 5 W906 A Classroom for All: Welcoming Children of Every Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity $90.00 $45.00
November 11 W907 Traumatic Loss and Violence: Impact on Family Functioning $150.00
November 16 WEB-1116 Technology and Interactive Media for Young cChildren: Connecting the Vision of Fred Rogers to Research and Practice Free!
November 17 W908 Dads “Dyad” Differently: Fathers in the First Year $90.00
November 18 W909 Social Security Disability: Why Early Childhood Professionals Should Care $90.00
November 19 W910 Strategies for Addressing Preschool Expulsion and Suspension: Micro to Macro $150.00
December 2 W911 Trauma Informed Advocacy: Adverse Child Experiences Survey (ACEs) and Legal Needs $90.00
December 3 W912 The 4 C’s: Cultivating Cultural Competency in Children $90.00
December 16 W913 Parent Coaching: Incorporating Parent Participation for Effective Interventions $150.00
January 20 W914 Trauma Exposed Immigrants and Refugees: Supporting Through Home Visitation $90.00
January 21 W915 Increasing Equity in Education and Health $150.00
January 25 WEB-ROGERS Growing from the Inside Free!
February 3 W916 The Art of Connection for Change $90.00
February 10 W917 Effective Literacy Strategies in Early Childhood $90.00
February 10 W918 Securing Services in Early Intervention and Special Education: Tools and Resources for Professionals $90.00
February 17 W919 Early Identification and Treatment of Challenges Seen in Young Children at Risk for Autism $150.00
February 23 – April 13 PROED1 - WEB Progressive Ed for the Early Years: ONLINE Introductory Series $300.00
February 24 W920 Data Driven: How to Get Away with Being an Exceptional Clinician $90.00
March 3 W921 Closing the Social-Emotional Gap in the Classroom Setting $90.00
March 4 – April 22 PROED2 Progressive Ed for the Early Years: Advanced Series $300.00
March 10 W922 It Takes a Village: Supporting Families of Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders $150.00