Date  ▾ Course # Course Title Cost
April 20 WEB122 Pioneering Literacy in the Digital Age Free!
May 1 W782 Effects of Divorce and Marital Discord on Young Children: Theory and Treatment $150.00
May 8 W787 Beyond the Gender Binary: Supporting Trans and Gender Nonconforming Students $90.00
May 13 WEB119 Ethical Social Work Practice in Uncertain Times Free!
May 15 W786 Supporting Families in Early Intervention: Eight Words to Remember $150.00
May 16 W784 Recognizing and Responding to Abuse $90.00
May 20 WEB121 Ethical Social Work Practice in Uncertain Times – Part II Free!
June 5 W779 A Very Sensory Day: Strategies for Sensory Integration in Families $90.00
June 8 W790 Caring without Crossing the Line: Professionalism in Early Intervention $150.00
June 19 W654 Providing Early Intervention: Running (and Expanding) Your Business $150.00
July 7 – July 9 W763 (2015) Achieving Biliteracy in Dual Language Classrooms: A Practical Approach $450.00 $400.00
July 8 WEB117 Mandated Reporting: The Essentials Free!
July 9 – July 10 W375 Getting to Know IDA: Infant Toddler Developmental Assessment $300.00 $250.00
July 10 W792 Making Play Accessible for Children with All Abilities $90.00
July 16 – July 24 MATH2015 Early Mathematics in the Primary Grades $380.00 $300.00
July 17 W789 Mandated Reporters: What You Need to Know $90.00
July 24 W780 Ready, Set, Go! Developmental Readiness Approach to Toilet Training $150.00
July 31 W791 Telling Stories: Helping Children Navigate their Social-Emotional World $90.00
August 12 WEB123 Connecting Child Development and Technology: What We Know and What It Means Free!
August 14 W785 Connections: A Relationship-Based Phase Model $90.00
October 9 W788 Bullying: Long-Term Psychological Effects and Effective Interventions $90.00
October 14 WEB124 Technology Tools for Strengthening Communities Free!