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Decolonizing Data and Language Part 1: Advance Racial Equity & Systemic Solutions

Dec 1, 2023 10AM – Dec 1, 2023 12PM Virtual

Learn how labels can dehumanize individuals and communities, and contradict our advocacy efforts in our workshop, Decolonizing Data and Language Part 1: Advance Racial Equity & Systemic Solutions.


Traditional approaches to using data and language can cause harm where we intend to be supportive. Join our introductory, VIRTUAL workshop and learn how to course correct when unexamined language and uncritical use of data perpetuate systemic oppression by exploring the dangers of labels and “othering”, the difference between individual-level and structural-level data, deficit language terms and more.

This engaging workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Disrupt the process of blaming communities for systemic failures
  • Advocate for changes to policies, systems, and funding allocations
  • Identify gaps and barriers in services and processes
  • Better align resources and tailor support to address root causes

Remember to check out our Policy and Leadership workshop primer videos to get oriented to our approach to racial equity content.

Space is limited: A maximum of 100 people can register and a minimum number of 20 is required in order for the workshop to run effectively.

Price: $250 per participant

Discount available at $200 per person to organizations planning to register five or more participants.

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PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a confirmation email approving your registration after payment is completed or a purchase order number is provided.

For questions about the workshop details, contact Erikson’s Policy & Leadership Department.

For questions about payment, contact Accounts Receivable.

About Erikson Institute’s Policy and Leadership Department:

Erikson Institute is a premier graduate school that educates, inspires, and promotes leadership to serve the needs of children and families. Our Policy and Leadership Department believes that more systemic solutions will emerge when stakeholders have a deeper understanding about racial equity, the power of data and the early child-care and education system. The department developed workshops to share its universal principles of equity with a broader audience (beyond te early childhood field) of professionals advancing equity through their work.

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Penny Smith

Penny Smith,
Director, Learning and Impact

Atena Danner

Atena Danner,
Associate Director, Learning and Facilitation

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