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Fussy Baby Network®

Infant Specialists Supporting Struggling Families

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Our Infant Specialists are Here to Help — Not to Judge

Erikson Institute’s Fussy Baby Network helps families struggling with their infants’ crying, sleeping, or feeding.

Fussy Baby Network serves any family caring for their fussy babies through our free warm line. These free phone consultations are available in English and Spanish.

We take calls from around the world. And the call is free. An infant specialist will answer your call Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time. After hours, we will respond to your message the next business day.

1-888-431-2229 Send a message

portrait of Maggie Steffy
Maggie Steffy
Parent and Fussy Baby Client
“ A Fussy Baby Infant Specialist called me, and she was so wonderful. I was bawling on the phone at work. I was so stressed out. Our child care provider was saying we needed to meet her needs without picking her up. The infant specialist was a lifesaver to me and gave me the confidence I needed to do what was best for my child. ”

Since 2003

Fussy Baby Network Has Touched the Lives of Thousands of Families

“Warmline” calls for assistance annually
Home visits for face-to-face guidance annually
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A Resource for Worried Parents

Are you wiped out?
Worried your baby has colic?
Uncertain about the way your baby is crying, sleeping, or feeding?

If you’re stressed and can’t put your baby down, call our “warmline.” No judgment. Just help.

Contact the Fussy Baby Network Today!

888-431-2229 Send a message

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Do You Have a Fussy Baby and Don’t Live in Chicago?

Fussy Baby Network Chicago provides phone support to any family. We receive calls from all over the world. We also have partners — members of our Fussy Baby National Network — that offer similar programs in five cities:

Elizabeth Aguilar
Elizabeth Aguilar
Parent and Fussy Baby Client
“ It was extremely challenging to come to terms with the mix of conflicted emotions that dealing with a fussy baby produced in me. I felt inadequate and ashamed to share my fears and concerns with other moms. The Fussy Baby Network gave me the confidence to enjoy motherhood and build a relationship with my babies built on love, nurturing, and mutual understanding. ”