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Family Child Care Specialist Training Project

Juliet Bromer, Tonya Bibbs, Sharon Syc, Angela Fowler, Lisa Ginet

W. Clement and Jessie V. Stone Foundation

This project was part of a long-term effort to improve quality in family child care through building agency staff capacity to support providers in these settings. This project sought to deliver training to a broad audience of family child care agency specialists through a train-the-trainer approach combined with online materials and support.


A goal of this project was to develop cost-effective means to promote these important training approaches, principles, and content for the family child care field which has historically suffered from a lack of resources and recognition.


Earlier phases of this project examined the ways that in-person training shapes the practices and knowledge of agency specialists that work with family child care providers.

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Phase II reports

Phase I reports

Improving Support Services for Family Child Care Through Relationship-Based Training

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