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Professional Development for Youth Library Staff

  • Jenna Herdzina , Erikson Institute, Principal Investigator
  • Alexis Lauricella , Erikson Institute, Project Staff
  • Annisha Jeffries , Cleveland Public Library, Partner
  • Melanie Fitz , Carroll County Public Library, Partner
  • Kristain Johnston , Chandler Public Library, Partner
  • Pam Hamlin , Prince George County Memorial Library System, Partner
  • Theresa O’Brien , Prince George County Memorial Library System, Partner

Erikson Institute was awarded a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to partner with Carroll County Public Library system, Chandler Public Library, Cleveland Public Library, and Prince George County Memorial Library System to support the media literacy knowledge and confidence of librarians so they can effectively develop the media literacy skills of young children and families. The diverse interdisciplinary team is working collaboratively to ensure that the the project leads to increased librarians’ knowledge of and confidence in supporting children’s and families’ media literacy skills.

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