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Alyssa Maestre

Alyssa Maestre

Associate Director of Career Services and Alumni Engagement

Alyssa is Erikson Institute’s Associate Director of Career Services and Alumni Engagement. She graduated from Erikson with her Master of Social Work (MSW) in 2017. Alyssa has been an active part of the Erikson community since her time as a student and has had the opportunity to work across different departments, including Erikson’s Edward Neisser Library. After graduating, she served as a clinician for the Center for Children and Families and then transitioned to the MSW Practicum Office before beginning her current role in the summer of 2023.

Alyssa has experience working with children and families in diverse settings, including both in-home and center-based therapeutic services. She has worked as a Family Advocate as well as a Disabilities and Transitions Coordinator to support families that have been enrolled in Head Start programs. In addition, Alyssa has provided crisis intervention while managing a mental health crisis hotline, and she has delivered therapeutic services for families impacted by domestic violence.

As the Associate Director of Career Services and Alumni Engagement, Alyssa aims to support students in their job search during their time at Erikson and continue this support once they transition to alumni. Alyssa will also provide enriching experiences for alumni and their cohorts to engage in, as well as keep alumni engaged with Erikson. In this role, Alyssa will be a part of Erikson students’ experience from the day they enter Erikson and beyond.