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Luminary Series Categories
NameDurationPrice (excl. GST)Next Running
Luminary Series
Foundations for the Future: Understanding Development: The DIR/FLOORTIME Model1 DAY$115.00
Inside Domestic Violence: Meanings, Mechanisms, Impact, and Repair for Early Childhood Witnesses, Survivor Caregivers and Abusive Partners.$99.00
Intensive – When We See Children the Way We Are – Not the Way They Are$225.00Register interest
The Intersection for Sensory Processing Disorders and Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health$99.00
What Children Tell Us: Creating Narratives that Help Make Meaning of their Stories1 DAY$115.00
Understanding Disorganized Attachment and Caregiving1 DAY$99.00
Threat, Trauma and Mentalization in Parent-Infant Intervention1 DAY$99.00
When We See Children the Way We Are- Not the Way They Are 1 DAY$99.00
Hearing and Seeing What Young Children are Telling Us: An Overview of Child Sexual Abuse Dynamics, Assessment and Treatment 1 DAY$99.00
The Work of Play: Developing Self Regulation in Early Childhood6 hours$115.00