Since 2007, the Early Math Collaborative has pioneered the improvement of early math instruction.

We work in all educational settings — public and private schools, school districts, higher education institutions, museums, child care centers, and others — in Chicago and around the country.

At each of our partner organizations, we collaborate with the leadership and teachers to create services tailored to their professional development needs.

Our early math services include:

  • In-person and online learning labs
  • Individualized, in-class and video-based coaching
  • Online learning library
  • Observation and consulting
  • Research and evaluation

Complete service descriptions

Our approach to professional development is unique. We build teacher’s math knowledge and confidence in their ability to teach math in fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate ways. Our approach

Current and past projects

Our projects range from limited to multi-year assignments, from one school to networks of schools and early childhood organizations. In total, we’ve worked with approximately 700 teachers and facilitators and reached some 11,300 students around the country since 2007. Our projects

Interactive resource for all things early math

The Early Math Collaborative provides early math resources for real-world teaching for all teachers, not just those involved in our projects, through an ever-growing collection of videos, articles, and research on the Collaborative website. Collaborative website

The site takes the best practices and resources in foundational mathematics and presents them in a way that is immediately applicable in the classroom. We then connect them to the goals of the Common Core State Standards, which makes them even more valuable to teachers.


The Early Math Collaborative doesn’t just provide professional development. As a program of Erikson, the leading graduate school in child development, we actively create new knowledge about early math and teacher education. Our research