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Gold Star Alum Series: Gayle Mindes

Dedicated to celebrating the shining achievements of Erikson alumni

Gayle Mindes

As a Professor Emerita at DePaul University and a graduate of Loyola University of Chicago, Gayle Mindes, (Ed.D.), a prominent figure in the field of early childhood education, has left a lasting impact through her multifaceted career, which includes roles as a teacher, consultant, and researcher across various educational settings.

While her expertise extends beyond early childhood education to encompass special education and educational leadership, Gayle’s contributions have been instrumental in reforming educational practices. She has collaborated with institutions such as Evanston Public Schools and the Illinois Department of Mental Health and has played a pivotal role in shaping pedagogical frameworks like developmentally appropriate practice.

Gayle’s career journey spans teaching, administration, academic leadership, and textbook authorship, reflecting the breadth of her impact on the field. Gayle emphasizes the need for rigorous training and ongoing professional development to address gaps in current practices, such as insufficient preparation for diverse learning needs and the complexities of classroom dynamics.

“Erikson faculty were influential in shaping my perspective. Erikson provided me with connections across the nation, fostering a network of colleagues with whom I remain in touch. Carla Berry was particularly influential for my research on child’s play; we co-authored a curriculum book as well. I had the good fortune of meeting regularly with Barbara Bowman, whose insights are always stimulating. Though we may not always see eye to eye, we value and appreciate each other’s diverse perspectives.” – Her reflections underscore how Erikson Institute’s legacy extends far beyond academic instruction, instilling a commitment to lifelong learning and meaningful dialogue among its alumni and faculty.

Erikson Institute Gold Star Alum Gayle Mindes

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