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Yes, an Erikson Graduate Degree Can Be Yours

Are you asking yourself, “Is graduate school right for me?” At Erikson Institute, the answer is yes. We’ll help put together a graduate school plan that works for you. No two students are alike. So in addition to the excellent financial support Erikson provides through a variety of scholarships, grants and other opportunities, we go a step further. We’ll work with you to lay out a clear path that takes into account your lifestyle, your ambitions, and your day-to-day realities. Our approach is to inform and empower our students, so you can make it happen.

Yes, Erikson offers generous scholarship support.

Another often asked question is, “Can I afford graduate school?” At Erikson, we support your goals by offering an array of financial support possibilities. There are merit-based Leadership scholarships, need-based Affordability scholarships, and additional Social Justice scholarships are available. And you can apply for multiple opportunities at Erikson because our scholarships are stackable, meaning they can be combined to cover as much as 45% of your program tuition costs. If you are interested in pursuing the Triple Endorsement Master’s Degree program, an Educator Impact Grant can cover up to 100% of tuition for students who make a commitment to teach in underserved schools for four years post graduation. In all, Erikson awards over $2 million in scholarships each year.

Erikson can also help you identify other external financial support opportunities that are available, such as Illinois Gateways to Opportunity, MTI Scholarships and Federal TEACH Grants.

Our Director of Financial Aid will work directly with you so you understand your graduate school education and cost scenario within your bigger picture. We’ll help you lay out a “life budget”, so you’ll be better able to make informed decisions every step of the way.

Yes, a graduate education is worth it.

Some might ask, “Why would I go to graduate school?” The answer is simple and powerful. Your graduate degree can help take you where you want to go. Right now, the need for early childhood and child development skills is greater than ever and is continuing to grow. And so are opportunities in the field to put your Erikson graduate education to work.

As one of the most respected institutions in early childhood education and child development, Erikson invites you to join the best of the best in the field. We’re deeply proud of the depth and quality of our faculty. As part of Erikson, you’ll be part of a diverse, supportive community. And become schooled in the powerful reflective practice that is a hallmark of an Erikson education.

Our track record of successful graduates is well known. And we believe one of the reasons for that is our investment in making sure every student is embraced for the unique individual that you are.

Is it time to make your goals a priority? YES.

Put action behind your ambition. Apply today and take advantage of priority submission. Right now is your best opportunity to receive an Erikson scholarship.

The PRIORITY DEADLINE to apply is MARCH 15, 2024.

Contact Monique Foster, Director of Financial Aid, or call 312-755-2250 to learn more.

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