Behavioral, social-emotional, learning, and developmental issues in young children are complex, multifaceted, and often interrelated.

We apply deep, developmentally-focused expertise from many fields to help families find answers fast — and in one place.

Comprehensive, interdisciplinary child assessments and neuropsychological evaluations

Our interdisciplinary assessments provide comprehensive results in one clear, concise report. No more trying to piece together evaluations from multiple doctors.

Therapeutic interventions

We provide individually tailored therapy: child, parent-child, and family interventions. We’ll also work with you to determine appropriate ways to respond to, support, teach, and advocate for your child.

Medical diagnostic assessments

Our medical diagnostic evaluations are part of the Illinois Early Intervention Service System. They are conducted under the leadership of developmental and behavioral pediatricians from the University of Chicago Medicine.

Early Intervention

We offer individualized developmental therapy for infants and toddlers birth to age three referred through the Illinois Early Intervention Service System.

Support for parents adopting abroad

Through a partnership with the University of Chicago Adoption Center at Comer Children’s Hospital, we provide post-adoption developmental evaluations and support for new parents with questions about potential medical, developmental, emotional, or behavioral concerns. We can help you form a bond with your child across initial language barriers.

Fussy Baby Network

Through home visits and telephone support, the Fussy Baby Network assists families with an infant who cries excessively or has difficulties with sleeping or feeding. For assistance, call (888) 431-BABY or visit


There is a sliding-fee scale based on family income; please inquire about insurance reimbursement.

Early Childhood Disability Transition Project

The Early Childhood Disability Transition Project (ECDT) supports the transition of children receiving Early Intervention services (EI) to enrollment in Head Start programs. ECDT staff members collaborated with Early Head Start programs to identify additional opportunities to provide support for families of children with disabilities, and is now developing and providing support services for early intervention providers, Head Start, and Chicago Public Schools. ECDT is a collaboration between the Chicago Department of Family Support Services and the Center for Children and Families at Erikson Institute.