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Take Action to Fight Gun Violence

Erikson Institute mourns the loss of 19 young children and two adults in the deadliest mass shooting at a school since Sandy Hook Elementary. Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas where the shooting took place, serves an overwhelmingly Latinx community.

This mass shooting strikes at Erikson’s core as a graduate school in child development. While our hearts are with the families and communities of the 19 fourth graders, and the two teachers whose lives were tragically ended, we are committed to moving beyond “thoughts and prayers” and toward actual policy change. We stand with individuals, organizations, elected officials, and our entire nation as we rally for action against gun violence.

In the U.S., guns are now the top cause of child death. Gun violence is a public health emergency. Regardless of differing political views, we must work toward a future where all children and those who care for them can live, learn, and love safely. We must keep hope alive and keep fighting for a better present, and future, for young children, educators, communities, and our entire nation. That future will not happen without our resolve and commitment to take much-needed action.

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